In light of the Cape Town water crisis and the implementation of level 6B water restrictions, saving water is more important than ever. Here are some affordable ways to save this precious resource. 

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1. Cut your shower time even more

Why not reduce your shower time to under 90 seconds? Buy a spray bottle and fill it with water and one spoon of body wash. Spray this mixture of water and body wash on your dry body. Lather, then rinse your body quickly. This can easily cut your shower time in half! 

Spray bottles are available from Mambo’s The Plastics Warehouse.

2. Save your cold water in the shower

Before #DayZero hits and while we are still able to shower, we can save additional water while we wait for hot water in the shower. Get a big funnel, a PVC pipe and a 5-litre container. Put the PVC pipe in the container and attach the funnel to the PVC pipe. When waiting for the water to heat up in the shower, hold the funnel under your showerhead. The clean water that you save can be used around the house as you need it.

Funnels are available from Mambo’s The Plastics Warehouse.

3. Reduce the capacity of your toilet cistern

Dry Planet Save-A-Flush is designed to absorb water, thereby reducing the capacity of your toilet cistern. This water-saving product is a simple envelope that is filled with absorbent polymers. Once the envelope is placed at the bottom of the toilet cistern, it will reduce the capacity of your toilet cistern by absorbing some of the water in the cistern. This great product can save up to 7 000 litres annually. It is recommended that you replace this product every 3,5 years.

Watch this video to see how this easy-to-use product works:

Dry Planet Save-A-Flush is available at and costs R160.

PHOTO: iStock/caristo


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