There’s something wonderfully fascinating about twins.

Whether identical or fraternal, twins still hold us in constant fascination — and we can’t help but compare!

1. The most identical of identical twins are ‘mirror twins’.

Twins that are absolutely identical to each other, that are developed in the womb facing one another become mirror images of themselves. This means birthmarks and face traits are all on opposite sides to their twin siblings like a mirror reflection, even developing opposite dominant hands — one being left-handed and the other right-handed.

via fitpregnancy.com2. A mother’s body can adjust differently for each twin.

Depending on which baby, a mother’s breast can change temperature for one baby on one side and the other on the other side — warmer or colder depending on what which baby needs.

via drbobbyfano.com3. Twins have different fingerprints.

Fingerprints are formed from the babies moving and touching the amniotic sac and not genetic makeup, and are therefore formed uniquely from each other.

via growingyourbaby.com4. Twins can have different dads.

Yep, two babies in one womb can come from two separate dads, if a rare moment where two eggs are released from the mother, a sperm from one father can attach to one egg in the womb, whilst later, another separate sperm from another father can attach to another egg, therefore developing twins from the same mother. Freaky right?

5. If a set of twins have a baby with another set of twins, their kids are technically cousins, though are really full siblings.

Okay, get ready to draw up a diagram for this one. So two male twins with identical genes reproduce with two female twins with identical genes, one couple’s kids will be born with the same genetic make up mixed from mum and dad but because the other couple have the exact same genes, the kids are born with the exact same genetic make up as their ‘cousins’. Therefore, they are pretty much siblings with the same genes shared across the two families. Yes, this is totally possible.

Formal Portrait of Two Sets of Twinsvia verywellfamily.comUpoming Topics of More Wonderful Facts About Twins

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